This restaurant is selected as Tabelog JAPAN RESTAURANT AWARD 2016 by user votes over all restaurants in Japan.

Japanese Cuisine TOP3

Sushi TOP3

Seafood TOP3

Tempura TOP3

French TOP3

Italian TOP3

Spanish TOP3

Creative cuisine/Fusion food TOP3

Chinese Cuisine TOP3

Steak/Teppanyaki TOP3

Yakiniku TOP3

Yakitori TOP3

Tonkatsu TOP3

Unagi TOP3

Soba TOP3

Udon TOP3

Izakaya TOP3

Asian/Ethnic TOP3

What is Tabelog Japan Restaurant Award?

Now you can check the latest best 50 in all kinds of restaurants and the top 3 over 18 genres for each, which had been evaluated/scored those "Tastes" by Tabelog reviewers, from the list of 470 restaurants nominated by between June, 2015 to October, 2015.