About The Tabelog Award


It is said that there are over 900,000 restaurants in this country.

Which restaurant has attracted customers with a stronger passion than other restaurants.
Which restaurant has absolutely impressed customers with more sophisticated techniques
than other restaurants.

The best restaurants at the moment are selected beyond locations
and categories. The Tabelog Award

We nominated the restaurants with continuously receiving a very high rating throughout the year
in accordance with the evaluations sent to Tabelog from users all over Japan.

It is just like the national vote exclusively for selecting the real favorite
restaurants on the basis of the “Taste” standard by Tabelog Users.

Dedicate “The joy to encounter Deliciousness” to the entire Japan!
Introduce the Art of Master Chef as Japan’s pride to the world!

Regarding each Award
The Gold, Silver, or Bronze Award will be given to the restaurants from 624 nominated restaurants on the basis of the votes by the Tabelog Users.


Check the award-winning
The restaurant you want to visit
throughout life even it is located
anywhere in this country


Check the award-winning
The restaurant you can encounter
and experience once-in-a-lifetime
taste with the Art of Master Chef


Check the award-winning
The restaurant you should be
already aware of when you talk
what restaurant is all about.
Best New Entry

The first-time nominated restaurant as currently attracting
so much attention from the users of Tabelog※1

Check the award-winning
Best Regional Restaurants

The restaurant is a place worth visiting for unforgettable
eating experience no matter how long it takes to get there※2
(Each restaurant in East Japan / West Japan)

Check the award-winning
Chefs' Choice

The chef as earning considerable
respect from a number of other chefs

Check the award-winning
Best Hospitality※3

The restaurant where you will receive high-grade services
and hospitality from excellent staff


The restaurant where you will see a sommelier or wine steward
with superior knowledge and serving techniques

※1 Japan Restaurant Award is applied in 2016.

※2 All areas excluding the entire Tokyo Prefecture, Sapporo city, Sendai city, Saitama city, Chiba city, Kawasaki city, Yokohama city, Sagamihara city,
Nagoya city, Kyoto city, Osaka city, Sakai city, Kobe city, Hiroshima city, and Fukuoka city.

※3 We decided not to award the category of Best Hospitality and Best Sommelier in the Tabelog Award 2020 due to not meeting the number of required votes.

Regarding the nominated restaurant selection

We nominated restaurants with total score 4.00 or higher
in the Tabelog during the applicable period in 2019.

Our method to decide restaurants for award

Voting by the Tabelog Users for the nominated restaurants
Voting period: October 31 (Thu)~November 11 (Mon), 2019

The restaurants for each Award are decided by the valid votes from the Tabelog Users
who actually visited the nominated restaurants more than a certain number of times.